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   Copyright 2007 - 2008 MySQL AB, 2008 - 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.

   The MySQL Connector/C++ is licensed under the terms of the GPL
   <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.html>, like most
   MySQL Connectors. There are special exceptions to the terms and
   conditions of the GPL as it is applied to this software, see the
   FLOSS License Exception


#include <cppconn/resultset.h>

#include "mysql_private_iface.h"

namespace sql
namespace mysql
namespace util {template<class T> class my_shared_ptr; }; // forward declaration.
class MySQL_Prepared_Statement;
class MySQL_DebugLogger;
class MySQL_Prepared_ResultSetMetaData;
class MySQL_ResultBind;

class MySQL_Prepared_ResultSet : public sql::ResultSet
      MYSQL_ROW row;
      MYSQL_STMT *stmt;

      mutable int last_queried_column;  // this is updated by calls to getInt(int), getString(int), etc...

      unsigned int num_fields;
      my_ulonglong num_rows;
      my_ulonglong row_position;

      typedef std::map< std::string, unsigned int > FieldNameIndexMap;

      FieldNameIndexMap field_name_to_index_map;
      bool was_null;

      const MySQL_Prepared_Statement * parent;

      bool is_valid;

      sql::mysql::util::my_shared_ptr< MySQL_DebugLogger > * logger;

      std::auto_ptr< MySQL_Prepared_ResultSetMetaData > rs_meta;
      std::auto_ptr< MySQL_ResultBind > result_bind;

      sql::ResultSet::enum_type resultset_type;

      void checkValid() const;
      void checkScrollable() const;
      bool isScrollable() const;
      void closeIntern();
      bool isBeforeFirstOrAfterLast() const;
      void seek();

      int64_t getInt64_intern(const uint32_t columnIndex, bool cutTooBig) const;
      uint64_t getUInt64_intern(const uint32_t columnIndex, bool cutTooBig) const;

      MySQL_Prepared_ResultSet(MYSQL_STMT *s, MySQL_ResultBind * r_bind, sql::ResultSet::enum_type rset_type,
                                          MySQL_Prepared_Statement * par, sql::mysql::util::my_shared_ptr< MySQL_DebugLogger > * l);

      virtual ~MySQL_Prepared_ResultSet();

      bool absolute(int row);

      void afterLast();

      void beforeFirst();

      void close();

      uint32_t findColumn(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      bool first();

      std::istream * getBlob(uint32_t columnIndex) const;
      std::istream * getBlob(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      bool getBoolean(uint32_t columnIndex) const;
      bool getBoolean(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      long double getDouble(uint32_t columnIndex) const;
      long double getDouble(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      int32_t getInt(uint32_t columnIndex) const;
      int32_t getInt(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      uint32_t getUInt(uint32_t columnIndex) const;
      uint32_t getUInt(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      int64_t getInt64(uint32_t columnIndex) const;
      int64_t getInt64(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      uint64_t getUInt64(uint32_t columnIndex) const;
      uint64_t getUInt64(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      sql::ResultSetMetaData * getMetaData() const;

      size_t getRow() const;

      const sql::Statement * getStatement() const;

      std::string getString(uint32_t columnIndex) const;
      std::string getString(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      sql::ResultSet::enum_type getType() const;

      bool isAfterLast() const;

      bool isBeforeFirst() const;

      bool isClosed() const;

      bool isFirst() const;

      bool isLast() const;

      bool isNull(uint32_t columnIndex) const;

      bool isNull(const std::string& columnLabel) const;

      bool last();

      bool next();

      bool previous();

      bool relative(int rows);

      size_t rowsCount() const;

      bool wasNull() const;

} /* namespace mysql*/
} /* namespace sql*/


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